Examples for Bach

Welcome to NERD Productions! We are a creative-led production studio crafting all things animation, live action & mixed media moving image and illustrations. Here are some of our favourite bits & bobs that demonstrate well the live action treated with bright, modern and engaging animation elements. These are just a few from our award winning folio of talent so if you wish to see more of anything in particular just reach out.

Our mission is to make creative work that exceeds client expectations. Our illustrators, directors and producers work closely with our clients throughout the creative process. This exciting collaboration ensures that we craft only the most visually pleasing moving image we can all together be proud of.

At NERD Productions we feel very strongly about bringing diversity to our industry as we are all a set of people from various walks of life and believe that all our differences make us a stronger, creative community.

You can view the work in the main window and scroll through using the bar below. Visit our site on: http://nerd.productions/latest-work


Clean & Clear - Morning Burst


Piri 'Piranase'

Shay Hamias

Trident 'See What Unfolds'


Erno Laszlo


Carolina Lemke

Lucas Borras

Piri 'Allergy'

Shay Hamias