Elevated Whiteboard Style for Merck

Welcome to NERD! We love the visual style references you shared for your creative concept. They tick all our nerdy animation boxes. If you wish to keep close to the current client route of 'whiteboard' animation we can always elevate this route by adding water colour and more playful elements to make this engaging & easier to digest. Here are just a few in that range. We are flexible in our workflows and approach to ensure highest creative quality output on each one of our carefully crafted films. If you like the visual style of one spot or illustration and technique from another we can bring the two together- so feel free to pick & mix. We love to team up.

Our team of fiercely talented Directors, Illustrators and Producers from all backgrounds and walks of life bring our similarities and differences together under one roof to bring to life creative concepts that exceed client expectations for every brief. Our collaborative approach is not something we practice internally only, NERDs work closely with our clients too, from the early development stages of the production process to create a bespoke look & feel for the brand, something instantly recognisable!

Our clients range from cars, demos, fashion, beauty, pharma, real people & more.... Our team has over 10 years of experience in pharma and having worked with some of the biggest brands like Abilify, Intermezzo and many more our award-winning talent are very familiar with the process and regulatory processes in this area. This means we can use all our resources to make creative work that exceeds client expectations for every creative brief, budget and timeline.
NERD is a creative production company representing a diverse range of hand-picked directors and illustrators, crafting live-action, animation, mixed-media and illustration styles for TVCs, online content, OOH/DOOH, feature films, events, conferences, broadcast and print to name a few platforms.

We strongly believe that nurturing talent and championing diversity are the key ingredients to producing powerful visuals that stand out,engage and communicate with real people across the world. That's why we are active diversity & inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds changing and reshaping our industry to be a more diverse and inclusive one, today, tomorrow and for future creative generations to come!

Dr Oz 'Half Your Plate'

Shay Hamias


Shay Hamias & Yael Biran


Shay Hamias & Yael Biran