David for 360 environments

Welcome to NERD! We love your nature driven creative concept and we have the right NERD for the job too!

David brings his storytelling skills to directing and shooting VR 360 video. He often works as VR Creative Director, helping to design 360 video campaigns and complex 360 video interactive projects. Over the last 5 years he has become an award winning expert in the field working for some of the worlds most prestigious brands such as, Google, Samsung, NBC and many more.
He has made films in over 60 countries, for some of the most interesting brands in the world, for government departments, NGOs and most importantly for those whose stories I believe need telling, having filmed filmed CEO’s and fisherman, CERN physicists and refugees, even a pop star underwater in a jacuzzi full of strawberries

For 360 video like all our production we can cover all aspects of a production from helping flesh out creative, to shoot and post. We own numerous 360 video camera set ups including a Kandao Obsidian 6K camera, custom made DSLR 360 rigs, 360 sport cams and GoPro rigs as well as specialist 360 grip kit, audio kit and post-production suites. Here are just a few examples of David's latest work. Reach out with any questions or just for a chat about the process.
Please view on your phone, ipad etc for most visually pleasing experience.

Samsung 360

David Betteridge

Discovery Sharm

David Betteridge

The Tate Modern

David Betteridge