Cherish for doc style speaking to camera

Welcome to NERD! We love the thought of your initial brief & creative concept as well as dedication to empower and inspire people around the world to be their most authentic selves.
As it happens we are a diversity & inclusion driven production studio and do have the right NERD to bring your film to life in a very organic style. Cherish Oteka is an award-winning Director who through her work, aims to challenge not just false narratives and provide a platform for often-marginalised communities to tell their stories on their terms, she is also passionate about telling very real and human stories about REAL people and portraying positive on screen stereotypes therefore allowing brands to associate themselves with their target audiences on that positive emotional level. This includes shining a light on a range of sexual orientations, gender expressions, cultural and ethnic identities, religious beliefs, ages as well as physical abilities.
Cherish is just incredible with casting real people, be they Influencers or those that have never been in front of a camera, she gets into their soul and allows them to be the best version of themselves, radiating confidence through each take.

Our formula is simple - stories told by authentic raw talent in a powerful and motivational way, directed and produced by incredibly fierce talent will ensure we keep this film authentic to the core!
Here are just a few of our favourite examples of real people talking to camera in docu style so if there is anything else you would like to see just reach out!

Stonewall BAME Voices 'Sistren'

Cherish Oteka

Phillips Kristen

NERDY Collabs


Cherish Oteka