Brett for Samsung Bespoke

Welcome to NERD! We love the concept and execution planned for this creative concept and we think that this campaign has such a great playful and expressive spirit about it. We have the perfect director to bring this idea to life, a genuine maverick who’s known for his powerful art direction, his bold, original, and distinct lifestyle-driven creative approach and his prized ability to get to the heart of a story by thinking outside the box.

Meet Brett, one of our live-action directors with a superb track record in commercial campaigns who specialises in engaging, relatable and persuasive storytelling. He's got the wit and finesse to create modern, contemporary content with the buff and polish you'd expect for a brand in this space. His youthful spirit and gorgeous urban narrative aesthetic would make for a wonderfully bespoke approach in introducing Samsung's new set of home essentials to a highly discerning audience.

Brett is one of our Free The Work directors and shoots all over Europe, the UK and the USA. He’s a great choice for this as he can draw inspiration from his contemporary street, fashion and lifestyle perspectives alongside his brilliant commercial portfolio. He'd happily tackle the first-person POV and is a master of non-traditional transitions, as you'll see in the highlights we've prepared for you with some relevant favourites from his reel. Thanks again for your time, and we hope you enjoy these spots as much as we do! :)

About NERD:
We are a creative production company representing a diverse roster of hand-picked directors, illustrators and photographers who craft memorable, engaging and award-winning animation, illustration, live-action, mixed-media and photography for television, digital, social, editorial and everything in between.

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Remy Martin 'Circle Of Centaurs'

Brett De Vos


Brett De Vos

Thomson 'Cape Verde'

Oliver Kember

Uber 'South Africa'

Brett De Vos

Where Are You Now - Calum Scott x Lost Frequencies

American Express 'Renee Kemps'

Brett De Vos

CataWiki F1 'Steering Wheel' (Director's Cut)

Brett De Vos

Adidas Returns

Brett De Vos

DFNS 'Footwear Protector'