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Welcome to NERD! JD has been a trendy household name that many of us here have grown up with, including the NERD we feel is the right fit to help communicate that exact thing out to the audiences today, who better to tell the story!

Ever since Anthony laid his eyes on Star Wars as a kid, not only was he mesmerized, but he knew he had found his creative calling. With a sharp and creative eye for detail, Anthony captures all the brilliant cinematic nuances he surveys.

A multi-genre portfolio spanning MTV, BBC & ITV, Anthony shows his breadth in creating poignant, unique and innovative storytelling through stunning cinematography. His style and use of composition brings each vivid frame to life.

Through an innate love of music, Anthony has a keen ear for audio. He then translates this through sound design or track selection, which elevate his evocative work. With a background in television and creative direction, he has cultivated great performances on screen from actors, athletes, musicians and cast alike. Anthony has a strong focus on the human experience and emotive presence of the subject. Spending his time between creatively directing work at ITV creative and directing here at NERD too he has the right creative capabilities as well as the brand knowledge to be a safe pair of hands for you.

About us:
NERD Productions is a creative-led studio producing all things animation, live action & mixed media moving image and illustrations. Our team of award winning Directors and producers that come together under one roof to collaborate closely with our clients to craft films we can all together be proud of. We are also keen diversity & inclusion advocates on and off camera so we are delighted to see such diversity in your spots each time!

ITV Box Office Launch, Eubank Jr v Quinlan

Anthony Dziworshie

MOBO Awards 2015 - Ella Eyre

Anthony Dziworshie


Anthony Dziworshie