Amex Initial Thoughts

Welcome to NERD! We like your simple and elegant creative concept and as it happens we have just the right team to bring this film to life in a engaging and relatable way.
Here are just a few examples of stock footage that has been treated with a range of graphic elements. These are just films to show the technique and the visual styles are for different visual briefs. If you have a reference of the visual style that you would like us to explore just let us know so we can revise our examples.

We are a creative production studio representing a diverse range of hand-picked directors and illustrators, crafting live-action, animation, mixed-media and illustration styles for TVCs, online content, OOH/DOOH and more.

We are active diversity and inclusion advocates, constantly seeking, nurturing and empowering young talent, female talent and talent from under-represented backgrounds. Our goal is to help change and reshape our industry to be a more diverse and inclusive one, today, tomorrow and for future generations to come.

Rimmel Kate Moss

Garth Lee

Nike 'Air Basketball'

Trident 'See What Unfolds'



Corinne Ladeinde

Quantic & Alice Russell ‘Magdalena’

Lucas Borras

Clean & Clear - Morning Burst


Rimmel Lip Revolution

Garth Lee



Carolina Lemke

Lucas Borras

Mark Your Card

Creative Juice

MTV Base 'Garage Anthem'