A bit from NERD Productions

Here are just a few of our favourite films from the team here at NERD Productions. Those range in animation styles and live action approach.
This should give you an idea of various looks & feels of various animation techniques as well as live action work that are stand out pieces of film for different platforms ranging from TV to online. Those do range in styles and creative but can all be inspiration to bring to life something truly bespoke for your next project in terms of look & feel!

Our award-winning team of Directors, Illustrators and Producers come together under one roof and collaborate across different disciplines to tackle challenges from a variety of creative approaches. This means we can use all our resources to make creative work that exceeds client expectations for every creative brief, budget and timeline.

Our team of talented artists believe that our films are not just carefully crafted creations, they are also devices with a very important job – to connect with the viewer on an emotional level and convey the message of the film, campaign or brand.

At NERD Productions we feel very strongly about bringing diversity to our industry as we are all a set of people from various backgrounds and believe that all our differences make us a stronger, creative community. We represent a wide range of talent from all corners of the world, we have just as much female talent as we do male and we also take young talent on board, who we develop, nurture and support.

We love collaborating with our global clients to craft films that we can all together be proud of- so reach out!
More from NERDS: http://nerd.productions/talent

Wonka Ice Cream 'Wonka World'

Shay Hamias

MS Lifelines 'MS & Kids'

Shay Hamias & Yael Biran

Marou ‘Faiseurs de Chocolat’

Tom Jobbins

Erno Laszlo


Huawei 'Smart Watch'

Yibi Hu


Shay Hamias

Kate Spade

Hayley Morris


The Nathans

Eloan ‘Loans Between People’

The Nathans

Verival 'Crunchy'

The Nathans

Black Diamond

Garth Lee

S'well 'Be Curious'

John Poliquin

EFES 'The Man From Mediterranea'

Oliver Kember

Sunfoil TVC

Hylton Tannenbaum


Hylton Tannenbaum

D'decor 'As You Like It'

John Poliquin

Food Montage

NERD Productions